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SH!T (Weekly Spam V)

2010-09-05 09:03:51 by ColossusII

Now I've started to work I have no time to loggin in NG.

So, in the weekends I'm going to sleep at 5 or 6 o'clock. My organism is being really a shit because this.

Now that I back to the sedentarysm (?) I'm just posting a new picture (it's me), hope you enjoy!

SH!T (Weekly Spam V)

Weekly Spam IV

2009-12-26 18:17:09 by ColossusII


Weekly Spam IV

Weekly Spam III

2009-12-17 19:07:16 by ColossusII


Weekly Spam III

Weekly Spam II

2009-12-12 08:33:10 by ColossusII

Hot paiting!!

Weekly Spam II

Weekly Spam

2009-12-07 19:15:23 by ColossusII

Here it is

Weekly Spam

Everything went wrong...

2009-11-29 16:56:33 by ColossusII

My plans failed, I thought my mother to go to college on Saturday and Sunday she would work all day ... But Saturday she had no class so she changed the work that would be Sunday for Saturday. She stayed home all day.

Still one of my friends who would not come here, not entered on MSN and not answered the phone, and he was very important because the sister of the girl I would pick is his girlfriend. Another friend of mine who would have an appointment to do "things" with another girl.

So no one came to play truco, my day was a bag and I didn't what I expected to have done.

Good News

2009-11-27 10:10:23 by ColossusII

On Sunday one of them (the one who likes my best friend) comes here at home to play truco ... Her sister will also come.

OMFG this Sunday will be special ... My parents are working and we'll be alone all afternoon. Moreover, they are just whores who have sex with whom to ask.

I'm going to buy preservatives (6).

And here she is...

Update: The next week I will put the picture of the other girl... But don't look so much, They're MINE!!! >:(

Good News

My life is over

2009-11-26 17:44:03 by ColossusII

I was enjoying two girls...

This week I discovered that one likes my best friend and the other is dating the cousing of my best friend...

What will I do?

I was thinking about killing myself... but I'm afraid of high heights... and I live in the sixth floor of a building... my PC is on the side of the window... but not... I must resist... Others girls will come and my life will be back to normal... (I hope).

I would put a picture of them here but I'm too lazy ;P

New Nickname?

2009-11-10 09:44:06 by ColossusII

Ok, I'm thing in change my Nickname.

The atual is ColossusII, I'm using this to all games that I play and everywhere I need to do a registration.

So, my friend, Isac Savian (who have no creativity) just copied it!!!! I thinked so much before chosing a new nick and the choice was "Pizzaboy".

Pizzaboy is the name of my favorite car In Twisted Metal 4. And also have 8 letters, the same as my old nick and my real name (Leonardo).

I need a favour, please, coment if you like the new nick and if no, please, say other better.

PS.: MUST be 8 letters.

New Nickname?

Hey you!!!

2009-11-08 13:18:49 by ColossusII

Can you buy a gift in the store and give to me? PLEASE??????

I want so much the 2010 NG Calendar, but I'm to poor to buy something, and the shipping will be very expensive because I'm live in BRAZIL!!!!!

So, if you buy to me, you will make me happy :D

And I know very well that nobody will buy nothing to me. :(

And sorry my poor English ;)